Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I tend to have a recurring nightmare every so often.  It is never exactly the same but the just of it is that I am in a car and it goes off the edge of a cliff.  The cars change - the scenery changes - even the drivers and passengers change (sometimes it is myself driving and sometimes another person).  I recently had a dream I was in a red Miata ( had one awhile ago) and John was driving.  It was snowy and very cold.  We drove up this hill rather quickly and suddenly the road was gone and we flew into a lake.  The very strange part of this dream is that I physically felt the result.  Crushing pressure on my lungs and skin tingling with shock from the cold.  I immediately woke up and felt the tail end of the physical effects.  Thoughts anyone?

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Yasmin said...

God is asking you to trust Him and for an act of faith and for you to swim in His love and acceptance. Our injuries come about as a result of our fear and rejection of Him.....in my humble opinion. He will not abandon you.