Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was lying in my bed talking to God the other night feeling guilty that we had not been to church as regularly as we normally do.  I really do love going to church.  I don't go out of obligation - I go because I want to and it gives me that time to re-align my priorities with what God wants, not what I want.  It give me a different perspective and keeps me from believing that everything I think is right is right.  I love being in church with so many other people who hopefully want to do the same thing.  I enjoy taking the focus of life off of little things and putting it where it belongs on more important matters.  Most of all I love to feel God's love all around me.  Like I said I was lying in bed feeling guilty when I realized that one of the places I feel closest to God - perhaps THE place I feel closest to God is lying in bed at night.  When it is quiet and the noises in my brain subside.  It was here that I first really started to have a relationship with him.  In the comfort of my bed when I was about 12.  I liked to think he was just outside of my window watching over me, listening to me.  This is where I have the long conversations and feel closest to him.  So, I will be happy the next time we make it to church but I no longer am going to feel guilt.  As long as my relationship is strong and He is in my heart - that is what matters most.

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joy said...

Amen! You are so right. Why is guilt so easily acquired?