Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So who would have thought that Jack would actually want to go back to school or that Julia would actually get a kick out of me putting those... um.....  less than ideal shall we say pictures of her on my blog.  Apparently I don't know my kids that well.  

I guess what I have learned from this is that Jack thrives well with structure.  The few days of summer that he was without an agenda or Jr. Lifeguards were like watching a puppy run around a 70 acre farm not knowing where home was.  He actually wants a strict teacher next year.  I guess a few more organized days would be good in his life.  He feels safer that way and isn't quite ready to trust himself yet with his own time.  I am sure it will come later.

I have also learned that my sweet daughter is not one to conform - this of course I have known for awhile.  She likes what she likes not because someone else likes it or dislikes it.  She has her own style - grunge for the most part with a few very fancy party dresses mixed in.  She doesn't think "pretty" is that important.  For this I am extremely grateful. I, of course, love "pretty" - almost too much sometimes - so it is refreshing to see her take a different road than me.  

How fun it is to watch these very unique and beautiful people become who they were intended to become.  I only hope and pray that I do a good enough job with them as their mother - God was good to me. 

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