Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michael's birthday

Today is my brother Michael's birthday.  He is the baby in the family - the last of 8.  I vividly remember his birth.  I remember holding this little baby and thinking that he could actually be mine.  I was almost 18.  He was such a sweet, sweet little boy and to this day he is still sweet.  He is 22 today - a young man - but in my world he is still about 8 years old.  He has been through more than most people his age and has come through the other side of it a well rounded, loving individual with so much potential and positive energy.  With the torment the 7 of us older siblings put him through he could easily be a very messed up person but he is strong and courageous - an example of what can happen even if bad things happen to good people.  He is just starting out in his life as I approach the dead middle (if I am lucky) of mine.  I want nothing more than to see him flourish and find complete happiness.  Michael, you are so intelligent.  So kind.  So gifted.  So giving.  I hope this next year will bring you some incredible memory making moments,  some new friends, and maybe some new interests.  I hope your 20's are fun and insightful.  I hope your dreams become realities.  You have everything you need to make your life wonderful and fulfilling - don't be afraid to go get it!  I love you Mike!  Happy Birthday!

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