Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is Mark's birthday.  Who is Mark you ask?  Mark lives next door to us.  To say that it is a miracle that he is here would be a complete understatement.  You don't need to know the why but the how is most certainly because God has great, great plans for this young man.  God has placed him in the most loving care of the best parents he could find for him.  Now he is 18 and the world is his to explore and improve upon.  To say that Mark has a good heart would also be an understatement.  He is giving and loving and always has a way of making people laugh.  He walks with God and it is obvious.  Mark, you have figured out how to live everyday with a smile on your face, God's hand in your hand taking one step at a time.  Something most people don't learn until they are much older.  I hope this year brings you continued happiness, fun, laughter, great memories and good health.   Happy Birthday Mark!

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