Saturday, August 8, 2009


Rachel has been living next door to us for over a year now.  She is Suzanne's niece.  We have really come to love this young lady.  She is super nice, very funny, a great dancer and a good friend.  She watched Ben for us when we were on vacation and looked after our house.  She babysat our children.  She is a very beautiful girl and has become a fantastic waitress.  She is moving onto another chapter in her life and we are very happy for her but will miss her dearly.  She recently became engaged and we are hoping she chooses to have her wedding here in sunny California so we can see her again.  How wonderful to be just starting out with your own life with so many possibilities in front of you!  Good luck Rachel - it was so wonderful getting to know you and watch you mature into this amazing woman.  Don't forget about the neighbors you had for a short time while you were here!  We love you!

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joy said...

I'm going to miss Rachel, too. We always got to chat while the boys had swim lessons and "Rachel" was one of the first names Esther learned to say.