Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

It was back to school night tonight and I was in hot pursuit of the principal.  Julia was suppose to have a teacher named Mrs. Luske (whom everyone said would be the perfect teacher for Julia).  On the first day of school we showed up to a substitute named Ms. Shultz who informed us that she only found out about subbing the night before.  She said she wasn't sure what was going on with Mrs. Luske but she was expected to be there through the end of September or even longer.  We like Ms. Shultz - she used to be a 4Th grade teacher at the kids school but she received a pink slip this past spring with all of the new layoffs and budget cuts.  We were happy she could possibly be Julia's teach but noticed that her belly was quite big..... pregnant in fact...... so there was no way she be there the entire year.  After 3 days of school Julia informed us that there was yet another Ms. Shoultz (notice the different spelling).  This was very confusing.  Was this another sub?  Was she permanent?   We never once received a letter home informing us of what was going on.  So as I was saying I was in hot pursuit of the principal.  We tracked her down and she explained the predicament.  We understand and I will save you the details but it looks like Julia might just be playing the teacher shuffle this year.   The lack of communication would never have happened in our previous private school and I honestly didn't expect this from their current school which is usually on top of things.   I guess she will learn to adapt to different situations better and we will encourage more home learning this year as a result.  We are trying to look at the bright side because there doesn't seem to be a better alternative option at this point.  Julia seems relatively happy - she is glad to see her friends from last year on the playground. 

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Emily said...

On a similar note, Myrah showed up on the first day of school and was told that her french teacher up and moved to switzerland the day before school started. She is currently sans french teacher and enjoying her "free period" with the front desk lady. I was also never informed of the happenings. It makes me miss private school!