Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today begins a whole slew of birthdays that are bunched up together - so many that I don't know if I can write about all of them but here are a couple that are today.

Alex - Alex is Adele's husband. He has three children of his own and 5 grandchildren. He is a combination of old school charm, New York (brutal) honesty and Italian pride. He literally swept Adele off of her feet with his smooth dance moves, flattery and baby blue eyes. He is an amazing chef and he wont let you forget it (nor do we want to). He has won us all over with the love he pours into his food. I have to say that Alex seems to have mellowed with age - like a fine wine. I think he is happy to just enjoy life these days. I wont tell you how old he is because you wouldn't believe me. He is very healthy and full of energy. I am happy to have him in my life and happy Adele and Alex have each other for support, love and good times. Happy Birthday Alex!

Missy - Sweet Missy is 18. I can not believe it! When we moved up here and got to know her she was on her scooter in the front yard and only 10 (younger than Jack is now). She has grown into a beautiful young woman. So much has happened in the last few years in her life and she has handled it with grace. She is extremely smart and talented. She has a sense of humor that keeps her afloat when the going gets tough. She is a huge support to her family and we all love being around her. She is a senior this year and working hard in AP classes as she prepares for the next chapter in her life. I am sure she has big things in her future and bright prospects. Happy Birthday Missy!

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