Friday, October 23, 2009


When I was little I remember having quite an imagination. I had imaginary friends and pets and in my little world they were very real to me. Our biggest toy growing up in the mountains of Colorado was our own imagination. We would go outside to a group of big rocks and create a story. We used rocks and sticks and flowers for all sorts of things. The trees were our house and we made brooms out of pine branches. We never cared what we were wearing and in fact often wore as little as possible because we enjoyed the freedom. Most of my memories take place outside or lying in bed talking for hours to my sisters. The property we lived on had fields of wild flower and to this day I have never seen a field like that before.

Even though my children don't live in the mountains and most of the time wear clothes I still see that amazing creativity in their minds. I don't think it matters where you are or what is around you. When you are a child the whole world can be exciting - even if it is a mud pit in the back yard.

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