Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I ventured over to the oncologists office today. Had some blood work done to see if my anemia was better and fortunately it was almost back up to normal and I didn't have to have another procrit shot (woo hoo!). It is really nice that I can have my blood work, injections and chemo all in the same place. Liz is right next door and shares her office with my surgeon so everyone is right there.

I find myself looking forward to my trips to this office. There is definitely a sense of comfort knowing that everyone there already knows I have cancer and nobody looks at me strangely because I don't have hair. The staff is super friendly and all of us patients smile and give each other the "it's good to be alive" look. I am not a big support group person and even though I don't usually chat with these people it is nice to know I have something in common with them. Sometimes I find myself wanting to rally everyone for a big cheer - "we can do it!" Of course they would all think I was crazy - I think it is the instructor in me wanting to come out.

So in other words - I don't dread going to chemo. I actually look forward to it. One more notch on the belt. Next Wednesday I will go in and give my Oncologist a big hug and tell him I love him like I always do (he definitely thinks I am crazy) - thankful that he is saving my life. I will settle into my comfy chair. Enjoy chatting it up with the nurses and know that I am exactly where I am suppose to be.


joy said...

i am so glad you feel cared for by your doctors and nurses. i think you should totally try the rally cry--i bet people would be into that.

Sally said...

Next time be sure to tell him your friends love him too. :-)

Lil Me said...

Its really sad that we live in a world that is full of sickness and disease, but its worse when those in the world pass you looks that make you feel so uneasy. Forget them!
I am glad that you are stepping out and feeling good about what your going through. I know its a hard thing to go through. You look good, you have good doctors behind you, and even better friends. Its a recipe for recovery!

Keep wrapping yourself up in that love and support.