Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Job

You know how when you get a new job everything is so exciting? New responsibilities, new environments, new people. You wake up every morning and your heart beats a bit faster with that nervous anticipation of what the day will bring. Then after a few months the excitement wears down. Now you have gotten to know everyone and the time seems to go much slower because you already know what to do, there is nothing new to look at. I think this happens with just about any job - even if it is your dream job. I was just talking about this with my brother who just started a great new job. For me anyway, that lull that comes after a few months goes away once you get into the groove of things and then life goes on regardless of your job. You start to enjoy things outside of this environment and you don't mind knowing exactly what to do and what to expect from your 9 -5.

This is now my job, and I am now in that lull. Ho hum. Not too excited to be down for another week (now that I know what to expect). The fear of the unknown that keeps you all riled up is gone. I am NOT complaining. I am much happier dealing with my 9-5 so that I CAN enjoy my life and not think about cancer or chemo or surgery every minute of the day. I think about those people who most likely have had or will have a much longer fight that I will have. Years in fact. They must just get into the groove, do their thing, and keep going. One day at a time. I am waiting to find my groove.

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Sally said...

I love you, Kristin. I think by the time you find your groove, this will all be over. (Better to find a groove for REAL life instead of this HICCUP anyway.)I'm thinking about you today. I showed my Mom your bald picture and she looked at me in that funny "I'm having grown-up thoughts and don't know how to say them to my kid even though she's a grown-up too" way and said, "Hmmm... she actually looks really GOOD." I think she had the sexy futuristic movie star thing going in her head too. :-) Hope you had a good Sunday!