Monday, March 8, 2010

The Human Spirit

We are truly amazing creatures. We have this unbelievable desire to survive, to endure. I vividly remember seeing my mother's body a couple of weeks before she passed away. There was no possible way that this thin, frail, body could still be living - it was only her spirit that was keeping her alive. As much as it is a huge bummer how I feel after chemo it is hardly agonizing. I know that in a few days I will be feeling better. I think about people with chronic illnesses. I think about those children who have to wonder where there next meal is. I think about all of those who suffer endlessly. And yet they still endure. They strive to survive. We are so strong. Our environment and surroundings are only a small part of the equation. Our bodies a small piece of the puzzle. There is so much more and I think we all feel it. Know it. How can we even question the existence of God when so much of who we are is not something you can touch or feel. Our spirit is so strong, so powerful it was made to stand the test of time. Eternity.


joy said...

I think about the same thing sometimes and am equally amazed at the strength of the human spirit. The horrible conditions and situations that people live in and live through. Amazing.

Katie_vesna said...

that is true.