Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I really think it is amazing how we are all connected. I feel compelled to extend my hand, and my heart, to all of you whom I have never met. I never thought for a moment that "strangers" would ever be remotely interested in following my blog. Many of you have made comments that literally bring me to tears, and I know there are a few that silently check in. How is it that we can feel this connection across thousands of miles without a voice or image. The strange thing is that I know you are all there. I can feel it. How awesome would it be to have all of you in one room. Where I could look out and admire you, get you know you on a personal level as you have gotten to know me. In a way though I think I already do. That one big room is called our world and something drew us together - that "next blog" click maybe - but I don't think it was random. We were meant to connect. I may never "meet" you but I thank you - from the bottom of my heart. You give me strength, you encourage me, you lift me up. I am honored and blessed to call you my angels.


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Michaela said...

Dear Kristin, You are very welcome. Thanks for being you - brave & honest & full of curiosity & the love of life. Today was my Birthday. Besides celebrating, I donated blood. I do it every 3 months. Its my way of sharing my good health with others who are suffering. One day I may be ill, and if it becomes my turn, I hope Im able to handle it with as much grace as you. Love and many hugs, Michaela

Kerin Lee said...

I just stumbled onto your blog via the "next blog" random option. However now I feel like it was meant to be because I feel the very same way as you are speaking about here. I hope to continue to follow your blog and get to know you better. You seem like a great person.

Kerin @ hergoodintentions.blogspot.com

katrina said...

Your blog is quite the inspiring one. You have a way with words and your admirable.

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Amazing Blog, Kat.