Friday, March 26, 2010


I am pretty much winging this whole "healing" thing. I am relying on God - trusting that the doctors He brought to me are the right ones. I am trusting that the ideas that come into my head are brought from Him. I figure a good healthy diet and exercise can't hurt and I definitely agree with a bit of the mind body connection. So.... I am trying this visualization thing. I have been for awhile - when I get around to thinking about it or when I am up at 3am and can't quite go back to sleep. I have read many stories about this visualization technique. One story was about a boy who kept shooting the cancer cells with a gun and one day he told his mother that the cancer just wasn't there anymore - they checked and it wasn't. In other stories I heard about visualizing sharks etc. Mine idea just came one day. I imagined light just radiating through my body and engulfing the darkness. I imagine the cancer as being anything that is not of myself - and dark (and of course on the ultrasound and mammograms it is dark) and lightness as everything that is of myself and healthy. I figure the darkness can only hide from the light for so long. Eventually - the light will win. In my visualization I see the dark spots just disappearing leaving a nice clean white image.


Sally said...

Sounds good to me! I missed talking to you yesterday... I hope you're feeling good... I love you!

Christina said...

Hello! My name is Christina. I hope you don't mind I am a "follower" of your blog! Something about the way you write is very inspiring.