Thursday, March 25, 2010


It comes in all shapes and sizes doesn't it? We attended Julia's school talent show this week. She was in a group dance number and had also planned on singing a solo but her voice was gone after a week of incessant coughing. As far as talent goes their wasn't a whole lot (Simon Cowell would have had a hay day) BUT the fact that these kids all got up there (some of them shaking) and braved being in front of a large audience takes some guts. The best part was watching all of these kids support each other and cheer each other on - no matter what the talent was. It was nice to see such a close community that really cared about each other.

I also had Chemo #4 this week. This one has been the smoothest so far. All of my counts are back up and I was out of there in record time. I am feeling quite well for day 2. These nurses have amazing talent - I watch them as they keep these happy faces on while we are all hooked up. I know they deal with some pretty hard things on a daily basis and yet they keep smiling - for us. That is talent. They have a gift. I am trying to make being a good patient one of my talents.

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joy said...

that is the cutest picture of our sweet julia! and i think you are being a good patient. woo-hoo for being over the half-way hump.