Monday, March 15, 2010

New Life

We spent a great day down in Santa Barbara yesterday. The best part was driving over the hills and seeing all of the areas where there was a devastating fire a couple of years ago. We drove through there about a year ago and everything was black. It was very strange to see skeletons of trees that were once tall, beautiful and green and a bed of black darkness. This time we saw nothing but this intense greenery everywhere. The nitrogen that entered the soil after the fire has made the new growth absolutely beautiful and lush. New life seems to be flourishing.

Time + Care + Light = Life


Nina (YourSweetTreat) said...

Just a random "next blog" blogger :D

Wow that photo is really green! It was going to rain one day but I told my bf that maybe when it stops raining we can drive around to just take some photos of random things. Hopefully it'll look as good as your photo :]

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