Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been so completely blessed with good genetics for most of my life. I have an unusually high metabolism and don't need to worry too much about what I eat. Of course in the past 7 years I have also progressively increased the number of classes I teach so perhaps that was counterbalancing the age related slowing of my metabolism. Flash forward 3 months and here I am practically sedentary for several days on end combined with the effects of chemo related menopause and snacking all day due to boredom wandering the house. A recipe for disaster. I now have a lovely flabby ring around my middle and the flesh on my arms and legs has that wonderful jello effect. I think God wants me to try on the shoes of all of my students because I can sure relate to weight related frustration. I have always had a fairly healthy diet but now I am trying to portion control, count calories and make every calorie count so my body stays strong but I don't pack on the pounds. I went from teaching 9 classes a week to 0. Now exercise on a good day is maybe 20 minutes of cardio. As you read before - getting through an hour long class of Bodyflow is a reason to celebrate.

Just so you know I am not obsessing over it. I know a few LBs wont be the end of the world - a little more to love right? I just know that getting my endurance back when this is over will be challenging enough without having to carry an extra 15 pounds around. I also want you to know that I feel your pain when the chocolate ice cream and french fries (ahhh french fries) are calling your name.


Emily said...

My jello has more jiggle!

Sally said...

It's hard not to obsess over things like that! But you're right, worry about that when you can actually do something about it. I'm sure the extra padding looks good on you - so much better than looking like an ultra-skinny, sickly, cancer patient. I love you!

julie pickett said...

we're twins now! I have that flabby ring too!