Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today is the first day of spring and this week I did a lot of springy things. I cleaned the house but good. There is something quite satisfying about bleaching things and killing germs, finding lost dust bunnies and making the shower sparkle. I also cleaned out our vegetable gardens and got them ready for planting. A dear friend told me not too long ago that she was weeding her yard and she imagined each one of those weeds as one of my cancer cells. She told me she did a good job on her yard and today when I was doing the same it was quite satisfying to have that imagery in my head.

Have you noticed how it feels to have these chores done? Don't you breathe easier when your house is clean and organized? I think we need to periodically do the same with our lives. Clean out all of those drawers in our heads where we store things we think we might use later but never do, get rid of thoughts that just clutter everything up. Make room for new things. Those weeds need to be pulled so the new growth will have room to flourish and multiply - providing us with much needed nourishment and the sweeter tastes of life.


Sally said...

That's amazing. I wish our yard looked like that! I have a few crocus popping up, but that's all - no weeds to pull either. I hope you're having a good weekend! We're partying like crazy around here. Lots of 9-year-old madness. :-)

Love you!!!!!

mika boss said...