Thursday, January 8, 2009


I tried to blog yesterday afternoon but blogger wasn't working so this is yesterdays.

There is a large fire burning very close to my sister Emily's house.  They have evacuated the neighborhood just north of her.  She can see the flames and smoke.  Fortunately for her the wind is blowing in the opposite direction (or at least last night it was). The gusts were up to 70 miles an hour which was not helping the situation.   As of this morning they are still trying to get the fire under control - about 30 percent of it is contained.   This is a photo from the neighborhood next to Emily's house.   I will update later.

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Tracey said...

This came close to burning down my parents store in North Boulder. If it would have hopped the highway, it would have engulfed it for sure. I'm so thankful it didn't and it spared your sisters home as well. That area seems to be hard hit every few years. Talk to you soon!