Sunday, January 4, 2009


It occurred to me today that EVERYONE has talent.  It just comes in different varieties.  We spent time with John's cousin Andy and his wife Robyn today - they were in town for a wedding and we were lucky enough to get some of their time.  Robyn is quite amazing.  I have never spent much time with her but she was explaining how she knits socks.   These socks take 30 -40 hours to make because she uses such small needles - now that is patience.  She also knows how to make summer sausage from scratch.  I am sure she is very capable of doing many other things but this is what I just saw today.   My friend Suzanne showed amazing talent last night at our house playing the guitar on Rock Band.....who knew she had it in her!  She was very good right out of the gate.  Then, tonight John had all of us falling out of our chairs with his incredible Donald Duck impersonation.  He is incredible at it and just being able to make us all laugh for that long is a talent in itself.  I hope you take a minute to realize the talent that surrounds you and the unique talent that you have.

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joy said...

what? i leave town for a few days and you don't get any comments? what is up with people? you are quite talented, too, my dear. and i love that you don't have a resolution. i made one this year, stay tuned to find out. i've missed you! and i can't wait to sing on your wii. i'm addicted to karoake now! tell julia to watch out :)