Friday, January 2, 2009


Let's see.  I think I need to start eating more fried food - I think this is an under appreciated food item so I think I will give it some of my attention (I always did want to fit into those curvy jeans).  Also - I would like to try something new, maybe whiskey.  More TV is on the list as well.  There are so many other shows that I would like to see other than the 20 or so a week I am already addicted to.  I think I would like to spend more time on myself too - I mean I put so much effort and time into keeping in touch and thinking of others it is about time I put some energy into myself.  Oh and one more thing - spend more of John's hard earned money - I mean it just sits there in the bank.  What if we die tomorrow?  Shouldn't it get used up?

.............. obviously I am not a big New Years resolution fan and if it were opposite day these would all probably be true but honestly I need the daily resolutions not the pie in the sky ones you think up one day of the year.  We are all so different (thank God!) so if resolutions work for you that is fantastic.  I myself am just going to try and keep the train on the tracks and heading in the right direction which for me requires a continual re-balancing while looking out the window.  It is all about the journey right?

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