Tuesday, January 13, 2009

White pants

OK fellow instructors - I do love you but you HAVE to stop this obsession with WHITE PANTS!!!!!  This has been an ongoing issue for at least a year and so I am writing it down and documenting it here so there is no confusion.  Here are my points.  

#1  White pants do not look good on ANYONE.   If you have the tiniest little mole or flaw it is like taking a big yellow marker and drawing an arrow right to it if you are wearing white pants.  And forget about cellulite!

#2 Most white pants are transparent..... yes..... transparent.  If you plan on wearing any undergarments you should pick your nicest ones because everyone will see them.

#3 Most clothing manufacturers have already caught on and don't even make white pants which makes them almost impossible to find let alone find them long enough for these crazy legs.

#4 See Photo.

So this in my plea.....  Please don't ask me to wear white pants .....  ever.   I don't care if it would look cool or different or the lights will be dim.  I am forever banning them from my wardrobe and maybe - if you know what is good for you - you will ban them from yours too. ;)


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joy said...

Ditto!!!!! I'm glad you finally took a stand on that issue, Kristin. It is a super important one! But, I do beg to differ on one point--white pants would look good on YOU, which is probably why, the other instructors bother you with the idea in the first place. Anyway, I hope that you don't have to wear them ever since you hate them so much.