Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, I am Jennifer Aniston

You know sometimes it takes a bit more effort from God for us to hear him.   The other day  I was wallowing in self pity as I looked at the ever changing image in the mirror.  Gee, was that wrinkle there yesterday?  How can I have zits on top of wrinkles???  Where did that spot come from? Am I growing another chin?  John knows all to well that the longer I look in that horrible mirror the worse my mood becomes.  I am way too vain.  Anyway,  I was wallowing in self pity but managed to pull myself away for a bit when Julia asked me if this picture in a magazine was me.  I walked over and laughed out loud when I saw Jennifer Aniston.   Now I don't for one second think I look anything like Jennifer Aniston but the point I think God was making to me is that Julia views me that way.  She thinks I am beautiful.   I started to think about who I thought was beautiful and most certainly the most beautiful people in my world are my family.  My kids in my mind are the most beautiful children on the planet (I know I am not suppose to say that but this is my blog and I can say whatever I want on it) and even if they had rhinoceros heads I would not think differently.  Ugliness emerges from actions and attitudes not wrinkles and zits.  So my point is that I must be a pretty good Mom to Julia for her to think I look like Jennifer Aniston - you can call me Jen for short ;)


Glenn said...

You do look like Jennifer!!! You are beautiful!

(this is julie!)

joy said...

i always knew jen and i would be such great friends. that's so awful about the fire. i will pray.