Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama and Judgement

Now, Obama on the other hand I feel we are required to judge.  He has put himself in this position and his decisions affect our lives.  I did thoroughly enjoy his speech yesterday.  It was to the point and delivered very well.  Do I think he is the Messiah and will save the world? No.  Do I think he will do some good things for this country?  Possibly, but the jury is still out.  Words are just words.  I guess I should be happy that so many people have blind faith in him but it looked a bit like a rock concert with the chanting "Obama! Obama! Obama!".   I, for one, feel compelled to scrutinize and question this president and his cabinet as I would any other.  Republican, Democrat, Male, Female, Black or white.  For now I will look with "hope not fear" (as I usually do in life) on this new presidency but I am doing it with my eyes wide open.

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joy said...

he is a good public speaker. and he will be watched by the world no doubt.