Sunday, February 1, 2009


How funny it is that we are able to communicate so easily now.  Yes it might not be as personal and it may come in the form of a text but I embrace this change.  I am an information junkie - and I don't mean text books and news broadcasts - I mean information about people.  I love looking on Facebook and seeing what everyone is up to.  I love letting people know what is going on in my head on this blog.  I love getting closer to people only in a different form.  I feel I know people better because of the silly things they email me or text me or FB about.  When I was in high school I would take the phone with the long cord and stand outside the sliding glass door of our house so I could talk in private and make plans.  I would write novels to friends during classes that would bore me to tears.  I assume these high school kids do the same thing - hide and talk on their cell phones and text each other during class - but I think they talk about it later just like I did.  I can't wait to get home and check our voicemail, check email, grab the mail, etc.  I love human contact - even if it is not physical.  Sometimes I think we can say more in written word than we can verbally.  Sometimes I think we can be braver.  My family are not big talkers - I grew up in a family of 10 and we were the quietest family you ever met - but our hearts are full.  Sometimes I think the words don't come for fear of an emotional outburst.  Sometimes I think it is easier to listen when you can see the words and touch the words and re-read the words.  So long live the computer and fingers hold tight to the keyboard - you carry my heart sometimes and it is precious cargo.


joy said...

Did you know that you are an amazing writer? That neglected to make your 25 things list on FB! Sheesh--as if you weren't talented enough already :) I love that last line especially.

Suzanne said...

Joy is right you are an amazing writer. I can barely speak much less write. Communicating with you is one of my fav parts of the day.