Monday, February 9, 2009

My Husband

I usually write about people on their birthdays but I think John deserves a few more days of dedication and with Valentines day coming he has been on my mind.    My husband is such an amazing man - so much rides on his shoulders as provider for this household and it amazes me how he can hold it together - especially right now.  He works long hours either from his home office or on the road every week.  He deals with customers who constantly push him and he handles them with grace and poise.  He is VERY good at what he does and for that I am extremely grateful.  His hard work has allowed us a very privileged life.  I get to stay home and nurture our children and we have every convenience we could ever need.  He is an amazing father - a leader who shows Jack what it is to be a man, and a comforting shoulder for Julia to lean on for support.  He puts up with a LOT from me, my crazy ideas, my lack of organization, and the way I nickel and dime our bank account at Marshalls.

John, I hope you know how accomplished you are and how much you have achieved as a person.  I want you to know how respected you are and how much you are loved.  I want you to feel satisfied and happy more than anything else.  I know how hard it is to walk into that cold office in the morning when every part of you wants to grab your surfboard and Uncle Rico and take off for the day.  I know there must be days when all you want to do is quit and throw in the towel because so and so cancelled their order or the computer is acting crazy.  But you never do.  You persevere as you always have.  

Thank you Johnny.  Thank you for making me laugh every single day even though sometimes you drive me crazy doing it.  Thank you for this amazing house and these amazing children.  Thank you for sharing our faith and our values.  Thank you for your love.  You are my best friend - I can't imagine a world without you.  I love you.


Suzanne said...

He is a good friend to his crazy neighbors too! Thanks John for teaching the neighborhood how to surf and sharing 24 with us every week on your giant tv! Here's to gym bags!!

Sally said...

I love that when I see these pictures and think about John, I can hear his laugh in my head. :-)

joy said...

ha ha to the gym bags. johnny rialto is a gift to us all. thanks for being such a great friend to us!

cade said...

i heard mr. tucker lost his gym bags. was that just a rumor?
p.s. just thought about our families having to move due to current economic situation, and was saddened that I'd lose my buddy. and now that "my buddy" song is stuck in my head.
yours truly,
random verbatim

Tracey said...

It is so great to know that you found someone amazing to share your life with. You certainly deserve it. I look forward to meeting him one day!