Friday, February 13, 2009

Strange things happen on Friday the 13th.

I am not superstitious at all, I mean at all.  So if any of you send me those ridiculous emails that say you will have bad luck if you don't forward it to 780 people be assured I will never forward them.    I don't subscribe to anything that is based completely on fear.  Anyway, that being said, we have had the strangest weather today.  We woke up to a downpour and at around 8:30 a huge hail storm that made our lawn white. Off and on all day today we have seen it rain with puffy white clouds and blue sky and sun.  Julia stayed home from school today because she was up coughing all night and was giddy at the sight of the hail storm.  "Do you think they will cancel school mommy?".  Ah the joys of being a California kid.  I had to explain to her that they only cancelled school in Colorado if the snow was so deep that you couldn't get out of your front door.
 I have a few friends that took a chance and went snowboarding this weekend and I have a feeling they might just get lucky with some epic powder - even here in Cali.

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joy said...

wasn't that hail crazy? it was so fun for the us to watch. we have a huge puddle in the back yard and the kids were dying to go and play in it.