Monday, April 19, 2010


I know you are not suppose to brag about your own children but I just can't help it today. This our daughter Julia. She is 9 and for the last 4 weeks she has been working very hard attending voice lessons and band rehearsals so she could compete in the "Search for Stars" competition. This was a local competition but some big casting directors and talent scouts from Los Angeles were the judges. The competition was set up like American Idol where the judges gave critiques after every performance and was open to all ages. Julia was the youngest. We couldn't be more proud of her. She handled the enormous pressure with grace and maturity. She made it into the final round which meant that she was at the venue basically from noon until 9:30 at night. She was not one of the top 5 but that certainly didn't matter. She had an incredible experience singing with a live band, performing in front of a lot of people and having big wigs tell her she has great potential.

I was a complete wreck. She has such drive to pursue this field and loves music so much. I want to support her in any way that I can - especially since she already knows what she wants - but my heart almost can't take it. She is so strong and courageous and deep down I know she will be just fine but she is my baby and the last thing I want to see is her heart broken.

There is so much we can learn from these young little people. Things we forget as we age and get jaded. Life is about jumping in with both feet and feeling the racing of your heart. The thrill of achieving something you were not quite sure was possible. Sometimes it doesn't work out perfectly. Sometimes, you have to fall a little bit to learn - but in the end it is worth it.

I am so proud of you Julia. You are a beautiful, courageous, powerful and determined young girl. You will light this world on fire. I learn from you every single day.


Sally said...

I was thinking about her (and you) all day yesterday, hoping it was all going well!!! She looks so fantastic - what a great outfit, and that smile will slay anyone who dares stand in her way. I'm so glad she made it as far as she did, and that she had a good experience!!!

joy said...

Julia--we just love you! And, truly, your performance was! Can't wait to hear more about what the nighttime judges had to say.

Anonymous said...

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Matt Decell said...

Who says you can't brag about your kids? You brag all you want. Sounds like your daughter is a girl to be proud of.

Sheri said...

I brag about my daughter all the time! Sounds like you have plenty of reasons to brag on your kids,too! Brag away are doing a great job!