Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Spark

So here is something to ponder.... We have these amazing minds that can produce things that were once thought impossible - like the light bulb, or a car engine, or a computer that fits in your hand. The one thing that all of these products need is electricity. Without at least a spark these things are just glorified paper weights. Hunks of metal or glass with hard edges.

Now think about what God has created in us - this amazing machine with pumps and valves and moving parts - capable of endless possibilities - even the ability to heal itself. But without a "spark" we are just a pile of soft tissue. Our spark is our spirit - God's electricity.

As amazing as we are with our ability to create and produce, God is infinitely greater.

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Admiral Hestorb said...

Lovely and meaningful blog. That sounded trite, I know but I am sincere.

I just happened by your "house" and so glad I did.

Have a blessed Easter tomorrow, you and the family. I will remember you in a while in my prayers.