Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Wonderful

When Julia was in kindergarten she had the most amazing teacher. This teacher went WAY above and beyond what was expected and surprised us at every turn with her commitment and dedication to the children. Julia has not had a teacher since that even compares and I am pretty sure she never will.

I feel the same way about my surgeon. When we first met her she explained things in such an easy way for us to understand. She presented us with all of the facts but somehow made it so we were not afraid. She called me on the weekends or at night to check up on me (who does that?????). This woman is unbelievable. She makes me smile and her sense of humor has me laughing for days. She is also becoming my friend. She invited John and I to sit at her table at our churches fundraising event to feed the hungry in our community. I was so honored that she even thought to invite us - I am sure she has many, many patients so for her to think of us blew me away. We had such a fun evening getting to know her and her husband better. She is my kind of gal - full of life and wants to live it. You couldn't meet nicer people. She is so beautiful both inside and out. It is so obvious that she cares so much about her job. She specialized in breast cancer and you can just tell that she treats all of her patients as if they were family.

You would think I would be very nervous about my upcoming surgery but I am not. I know I am in the BEST hands possible. I am a little nervous about what I will find out when I wake up but I know it will be her telling me and that makes it so much better. It makes me wonder why God is so good to me - how he brought her -this amazing new soul - into my life.

I fear I will never meet another doctor like her - but I can live with that. Just like Julia's teacher this woman will forever be ingrained in my heart.


Prince said...

so sweet n always b strong n beleive in urself...

Michaela said...

She sounds very inspirational, and Im sure she finds you inspirational too! Ya know, Ive been through a lot of hard times, not that you'd know it to meet me :) But Im blessed (as I believe you are) with a natural optimism, and an eye for the big picture. People wonder how, raised by a single mom with occasional mental health issues, my kids have turned out so well. I humbly put my hand up and say, it was no accident. I made important optimistic, value-driven choices all the way along.
I hate to ask Kristin, but is it going to be a mastectomy?