Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Normal

So it has been about a month since the last time I tried my wig on for my family. It freaked us all out so much I haven't done it again. It didn't look like me anymore. We are all so used to me being bald now. Of course most of the time I wear hats - even around the house. My head does get cold fairly quickly ( I sleep with a blanket on my head ). It is not like I am trying to hide anything by wearing hats either - it is quite obvious that there is no hair underneath. In the last week though I am finally feeling comfortable in public. I don't mind the stares anymore - or the glances and the quick looks away. This is me - take it or leave it. I may never grow my hair long again. I am pretty sure I was hiding all of my insecurities beneath that long blond mane. I will be happy to donate my glorious wig to another cancer patient - I have nothing against wearing wigs - it just isn't for me.


Sally said...

I remember a brief period where your hair was short... and of course you looked fabulous. :-)

I missed talking to you this week. Back to normal next week! Love ya!!!

Canada Goose said...

Hi, I found your blog as I hit the "next blog" button and read your recent post.

I just wanted to say "good for you" for realizing that we as women, even through our hair, can hide. I applaud your courage to see past the looks and stares and just be you! You (me and every other woman) were made to be just that and only when we embrace it, are we more ourselves then we ever could have imagined!

God bless you as you journey on this new path.